An guilt induced art post

1) I feel guilty that I haven’t written about this yet.

2) I feel guilty that I’m not writing a lot.

3) I feel guilty that I’m not doing actual work.

4) I feel guilty that I threw a rant into this post.

First up is purinto/ぷリんと(print?).

What can I say? It’s a nice, simple style, which looks uncluttered and has a nice color palette.

I’ve always had a thing for cute things that aren’t trying to drive me insane with details, so it’s good.

Next up is Meiko/めいこ.

Ha! Another female artist! I’m on a roll~

Meiko has a rather simple watercolor style. There’s nothing that’s technically astonishing here, but the presentation is quite nice. It’s especially interesting to see her move from


There was a period of experimentation between these, which I think is good. But I’m glad that she stuck with this style in the end. It just seems natural.

And of course, I have to say that the watercolors seem to really support this awesome sense of fashion.

While she doesn’t use watercolors, 麻歌 (asauta?) definitely understands the essence of softness that watercolor carries.

She’s only settled on this style recently, and most of her works are still quite unpolished, but I sense great things coming from her.

And lastly, there is もか/Moka. I have loved her work for a long time, especially when I look at it right after flipping through Dengeki Moeoh or something. I swear, by this time, I’ve built such a strong immunity to the generic CG bishoujos that it all looks the same to me now. I blame this on both the prevalence of generic CGs, and the format of those magazines. The paper is only a certain size, and they want it to be fanservicy so the girl must be displayed prominently. That means that while the poses are different from each other, all the body parts, especially the heads, are in the same area on the piece of paper. Just look through these thumbnails. If they don’t look the same to you, then look here and scroll down to near the bottom. I could almost swear that if you overlapped the images the heads would overlap perfectly. Even if it was original (or as original as physically possible considering the circumstances), the similarities tell me brain that it’s all copies of the same thing. That’s a bit mean to Youta, but come on, the guy specializes in fanservicy images of lolis with huge eyes and huge boobs.

Err… I’ll stop ranting now.

I love Moka’s use of chocolate in the images. Although the fact that her ribbons, glasses, and tie are also brown is somewhat confusing. Now that I think about it, I wonder how nice it would be to have chocolate glasses. Just think, all of those people who has that habit of chewing the end of their glasses? They would be tasting delicious chocolate!

…Ok. Bad idea.

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