Hiyorin Is AWESOME!!

Usually I can’t stand the painfully shy type of girl that Hiyorin is. I just read it and want to yell at the screen, EFFING TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL! Perhaps because they remind me too much of myself.

So when our heroine, finally digs deep to pluck up the courage it makes me insanely happy! And I have to applaud her courage, since I never really had that kind of courage myself. Hubs will tell you I’m a loud mouthed princess who has no trouble telling you what I want now, but it took many years for me to become that way 😉

It wasn’t actually her first confession, she confessed at the fireworks display, but never really got to hear an answer from Yuushin, which of course made her really self conscious. I love that Yuushin basically tricks her into repeating her confession. But I don’t feel that it devalues it in anyway. She still plucked up the courage to ask first.

Of course his reply is confusing though, so he has to spell it out. But I still have to thank the pair for giving me the cutest awwwwwwwww moment I’ve read in a while. This manga seriously is so damned cute.

I haven’t been this fangirly since Tomoe finally realized he likes Nanami. (If you read Kamisama Hajimemashita you’ll know what I’m talking about 🙂 But of course that stubborn kitsune can’t just tell her!!!! )

Once in while I like to leave my land, filled with youkai and demon butlers and hawt ninjas and just bask in cute romance. ❤

7 thoughts on “Hiyorin Is AWESOME!!

  1. Oooh dang I saw this a couple of times but gave it the pass. So the guy is a bit of a どS? not sure if I like those much theyre too cheeky

    • Yuushin is actually pretty sweet himself. I like how he basically tells Hiyorin in the latest chapter how he’s just as inexperienced as she is, so they are basically learning how to date together 🙂

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