AK2 triple feature: G-Senjou no Maou review

Okay, I know that most of you would prefer if I was translating this game instead of reviewing, but now that other people have taken over, I have the time to give you people a review of this fantastic game! This is going to be a part of the Akabeesoft2 triple feature, part 2 and 3 coming in the near future!

The devil on the G-string (or G-線上の魔王) is a game made by Akabeesoft2 in 2008. Want mind games? Want plot twists? Want an unbelievably cute heroine? I think that G-senjou is the VN for you.


Aizai Kyousuke is the adopted son of a Yakuza boss. Coincidentally, he also has a comic relief of a best friend, a sister who’s not really a sister, cute girls all around, and a great love for classical music. While he seems so innocent and generic during the day, he works for the Yakuza while not in school and is actually extremely ruthless and manipulative. One day, a mysterious transfer student comes to the school (don’t they always?), chasing after the shadows of the elusive and power “Maou”, or devil. Both of them are closely intertwined with Kyousuke and his unspoken past, and that’s something Kyousuke can’t run away from. So, let this game of cat and mouse, this game of life and death, this game of love and redemption, BEGIN!


Aizai Kyousuke:

The non-typical main character. He firmly believes that money is the most important thing in this world, and seen emotions and human bonds and worthless trash. These feelings were further hammered into his mind at a young age when his adoptive father picked him up: Kyousuke’s family had owned the Yakuza a large amount of money, and he took it upon himself to pay it all back. However, everything that he has done in his life will be shattered when he meets Usami Haru.

He has this amazing connection to “Maou” (who is both HOT and voiced by Jun Fukuyama), and I promise you that you will be surprised when you find out.

Usami Haru

The main heroine and the only heroine that I care about. Don’t take that the wrong way though, she’s an entire Mt. Everest away from the other heroines in terms of awesomeness. There are two sides to her: the moe side and the GAR side. Both sides are filled with awesome, take my word for it.

At first, she is very odd: depressed at random intervals, quiet, and not to mention sporting an insanely huge head of hair. However, she is really friendly after you get to know her better, and she would do almost anything for her friends. She has absolutely extraordinary skills of deduction, and is embroiled in a seemingly endless game of cat and mouse against Maou, her nemesis.

Azai Kanon

Your “not really” younger sister. Being the daughter of a Yakuza boss hasn’t hampered her ability to be 99% genki, and true to her image, she excels at sports, well figure skating in particular. In fact, she just might be going to the olympics, which suits her just fine, as she has inherited a burning ambition from her father.

I hated her. I hated her story, I hated her character, it is a sore mark on a fantastic story, and I suggest that you stay away from it.

Miwa Tsubaki

AKA “Iinchou-san”. Tsubaki is a caring big sister to 4 brothers and sisters, and she is always available for help, though she is naive about the world (she didn’t even know that you can buy stuff from on-line, can you believe that?). Her family owns an apple orchard, but a powerful company want to buy it for development. Her father is dead set against selling their home, but then again, they may not have a choice…

Her story was cute. When I say that, I don’t mean bunnies and rainbows cute, but that it was a nice little story that was heartwarming at times. However, it’s still not A-grade material.

Shiratori Mizuha

This little princess was born into wealth, and her father happens to own the school that most of our characters go to. She is very distant to her classmates, and seems to harbour a particularly strong grudge against Kyousuke…

Unfortunately, she is a failed attempt at being a tsundere, but she is absolutely fantastic in furthering Yuki’s story (once again, don’t bother with her story, there’s really no point in it).

Tokita Yuki

A friend of Haru and an indispensible part of Haru’s quest to defeat Maou. She is very clever and has this intrinsic ability to read people. Add to that some study on human psychology and years of experience in speaking with people, and you have yourself a faultless negotiator. She really dots on people she cares about, and would do almost anything for Haru, whom she teases mercilessly.

Yuki doesn’t have a path to herself, but she has a brilliant role in a bad ending and in the main story.


The story is structured in a special way. (please ignore my shaky writing)As you can see, the true ending (with Haru), can only be achieved by avoiding the other girls, and the moment that you go down the path of another heroine, you won’t be able to see the rest of the main storyline. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but the stories of the other heroines are really worthless. These other stories kind of tie in a few not so loose ends, brushes upon a few social issues, gives out an excuse for a h-scene, but doesn’t really do much beyond that.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t matter, because if you are reading this review then there’s a good chance that you will skip those annoying side stories altogether and focus on the main story. You see, the main story is the cake, it is the icing, it is the sprinkles and chocolate and the extra pocky stuck on top. There are twists and turns and a couple shots of adrenaline for good measure. You will be shocked at finding out Maou’s true identity, and you will be even more shocked as you come to understand every character’s role in the overall story. The story doesn’t lack on comedy and moe (if that’s what you are into), but the focus is always on the elusive Maou, with his seemingly endless bag of tricks. It’s adrenaline laced entertainment, and it is GOOD.


The opening (Answer by Rekka Katakiri) is fast paced, the ending song (雪の羽 時の風 by Chata) was slower, the insert song (Close your eyes by Ayane), was a full on ballad, and all three songs are simply amazing. I can’t praise them enough.

The problem was with the background music.

The people at AK2 had a good idea: do remixes of classical music! However, I don’t think that this has worked all that well. Sure, the music fits the mood, but it feels really disharmonious. However, I have heard other people say that they like it, so I guess this is really up to you to decide.

It’s been a while since I’ve played, so my memories of the voices were pretty fuzzy, so I guess I can say that the girls’ acting was pretty good. But, what is really important is Maou’s voice. Fukuyama Jun goes all out with his Lelouch voice, which is absolutely delicious (what? I’m a girl and I proudly admit that his voice is wholly squeal-worthy).


I’ve never really liked Alpha’s art, and I don’t think that I’ll ever get to love it. The whole thing is horrendously inconsistent (I’ve picked the better ones for this review), and do NOT get me started on the bad sense of fashion (Kanon’s performance outfit is one of the most hideous things I’ve ever seen in my life). The backgrounds are nothing special either, but I suppose that some people will like it.


Art: 7×3=21/30

Sound: 9/10

Programming: 8/10

Total:86.5/100 A-

All in all? This could have been better, but if you like the art and just stick to the main story, I’m SURE that you would enjoy this game! I know I loved it, and I loved translating it too, so you really have no reason not to play it when the full patch comes out!



21 thoughts on “AK2 triple feature: G-Senjou no Maou review

  1. Haha, I had thought about skipping this one given its strange title really failed to spark any intrigue of the right type for me… but maybe not.

    Since you mentioned its part of a triple-feature, how well does the conclusion wrap up things on its own? Or does the audience obviously need to keep the prospect of sequels in mind?

    • Oh, there are no sequels, there’s no chance of a sequel (not much of a chance for a prequel either, unlike Sharin). This is a triple feature because all 3 posts are going to be about Akabeesoft’s games, not because they are all about G-senjou.

  2. I played the translated part you posted long ago. It was really good in setting the characters and story. But with all you said above and some things i think about i am getting an idea of who mwou really is… I hope its not that obvious.

  3. Yeah, after playing ch3 and Kanon’s route I can understand why you insisted on avoiding to translate it. Really forgettable, without any proper confrontation or adequate emotional attachment (unlike ch2), and it was poorly done overall. The only people who could love her ark are the skating fetishists maybe.
    I was really disappointed in it after liking chapter 2 that much (unlike ch3 that one had the right amount of twists, confrontations, and emotional scenes).
    Oh well, I’m looking forward to the rest. If only that lazy guy doing the TLC wouldn’t play odd Nukiges all day. (Sup TNA 😉 )

      • Nah, you are absolutely not the only one who shares that opinion.
        Well I was also disappointed (almost irritated) in Touka’s chapter 3 during SnK, so I guess I’m just not compatible with the third chapter of the Akabee games or something.

        Chikan, a young scottish lad with some years of selfstudy, who churns out translation with a great speed, while TheN00bAvenger (translator of Sharin) TLC-s his work and translates the more difficult lines. The latter is a bit busy with translating sharin fandisk though (and playing the aforementioned Nukiges 😉 ).

  4. Sup folks.

    I third the motion that TNA should stop a-whackin’ and set into some TLC’ing.

    PS I miss Choux TL’s. They were understandable and left in a lot of random Chinese words… I learned so much about the languages by comparing the Chinese to the Japanese and looking stuff up v.v Plus they put Neko into a panic and she’d freak out and have me figure it out hehe…

    • Thanks? …I never knew that people actually freaked out over it… Also, completely agree with you. I’m checking the TL wiki every week, but there’s been no progress…sob…

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  6. I loved the game. I loved the story and the characters. And yeah, I do think Kanon’s route could have been pulled of better…

    After going through Tsubaki’s story and going through a little on Kanon’s I thought the latter’s story was going to be about our little demon king getting the monster’s daughter to side with him against her father; you know, like getting the loyal partner he never had with Tsubaki? I thought that suited the overall devil theme they were going for this story, but no, we we didn’t get that. And I was a little bummed out by the fact our protagonist lost a few badass points in her route.

    Also, even if I’m the only one, I’m going to say I loved Kanon’s character-I love girls with ambition. Which is why I THOUGHT they were really going to shoot for epic with her as well. But I guess that was too much for to ask…

    (Still, Haru was all kinds of awesome…)

  7. I’ve played alot of translated and untranslated VN over the last few years, and i’ve gotten say this is possibly my top 3 ! The story is written with the utmost care, and has an absolutely beautiful and bittersweet ending! 10/10!

  8. ‘Yuki doesn’t have a path to herself, but she has a brilliant role in the main story and a bad ending.’

    …Did you just spoiled me there or what? Saying she has a bad ending in a game of this nature makes it pretty obvious what you mean by that.

    Other than that, good review. I’m looking forward starting this VN in a week or so. Pity they decided to insert multiple unnecessary routes in the game, I’m a completionist (it’s more like a disease really) and I MUST finish everything I start 100% or at least near that mark.

      • I think it would be best for me to not give any specifics. It doesn’t really help when I say ‘this’ and you reply with ‘Oh don’t worry! That’s not happening!’. That would be a spoiler in itself as well you know.

        And that wasn’t too important either. What I was trying to get across is that, if I’m correct on this, I now know that a specific character is getting a bad ending. So not good, not happy, not neutral, no, bad. It’s something that I’m not supposed to know, yet now I know because you put it there and informed me about it. For me that would count as a spoiler.

        (Not trying to sound angry here by the way, just illustrating my point)

    • No problem. And I have to apologize for the way that I phrased it. It’s open to misunderstandings, and if you do manage to reach that ending you’ll understand what I mean. In any case, Akabeisoft2 is known for games that are a bit darker, so the entire game actually has quite a few bad endings, and I didn’t think that mentioning one bad ending exists would be a spoiler. My point was that in most games the bad endings aren’t worth looking at, but in this case the bad ending is quite interesting. I’ll just stop talking now and I hope you enjoy the story~

      • Ah, I see, guess I misunderstood then. I thought you meant one bad ending for one character that takes place in the main plot line. If it’s just one optional bad ending (like the ones in Fate/Stay Night), then you are correct. That’s not something to be upset about, for me at least. Thanks for clarifying! I’m sure that I’ll enjoy this game a lot in any case.

  9. -Spoilers-

    Necro. So judgemental, OP. I liked every route of this game. It is a matter of opinions, I’m sure, but man you really put Mizuha and Kanon down. Mizuha is mai waifu man. I didn’t appreciate Usami in the VN. Except for loli Usami. Mizuha at the end of Usami ending was heartbreaking, what with the what whole music playing in the background. Mizuha and Usami ending were the best out of all the endings. Tsubaki’s was nice but it was really subtle. Really good for a first ending. Kanon’s was pretty shit but I liked her route.

    TL;DR Mizuha mai waifu OP pls.

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