Umineko Chiru (Ep5) impressions (very little spoilers)

Battler healing Beatrice=adorable, especially at how they held each other’s hand for that little moment…
Erika might have been cute at first (especially with the chosticks, but she is waaaaaaaaaay too annoying later on)
I love manipulative people
I praise you, Ryukishi07, for paying homage to Agatha Christie with the grey cells and the “And then there were none” reference. Also, the sailor moon stuff was funny.
Krauss hugging Natsuhi=awww…He finally redeemed himself somewhat, I suppose
The whole thing is confusing, I can’t tell between the past and the present anymore. It’s hard to distinguish the difference between the Beatrice that used to be GM, the Beatrice that was with the goats, and which Battler is which. Well, this is especially bad with Battler. The game piece Battler is clearly different than the Island Battler, since the game Battler doesn’t know about how the epitaph was solved, but at the inquisition the two of them kind of merged together, so that was weird…
I REALLY wanted to see Battler catch Beatrice  like a princess, so yayy~ for the above image (it’s by Milkcandy, of course).

it's all your own delusion

Bernkastel was REALLY cruel this time around, especially with what happened with Natsuhi…Speaking of which, I really felt a lot of sympathy for her this time around, though I’m STILL confused at what really happened 19 years ago.

The ending was really quite awful, but the epilogue was just full of awesome. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this nearly as much as I liked the last game (it’s either because Ange isn’t here this time around or because the even numbered games are just better).

I really can’t wait until the next chapter is released. “Checkmate of the Golden witch”, huh…


6 thoughts on “Umineko Chiru (Ep5) impressions (very little spoilers)

  1. Dunno if you already know this or not, but Checkmate of the Golden Witch won’t be the name for EP6. xD Since, y’know that title was proposed by Erika because she was going to be the GM for the next game but you already know what happened in the end. xP

    IMO the odd numbered games are better than the even ones. Mainly because the even ones get released during winter Comiket so Ryuukishi has less time to work on them. xD;

    • I have to disagree with you. I prefer the even ones. Ep2 was great because of the focus on the lovers, and Ep4 had Ange and everything that happened in the “future”, plus George, Jessica, and Kanon kicking ass, which I loved. On the other hand, Ep1 was just the intro, I don’t like Eva, so Ep3 wasn’t that great for me either.
      I do know that the title isn’t going to be the checkmate, it’s just that checkmate has a stronger impression in my mind that Dawn.
      In my mind, Ryuukichi07’s at that place that’s basically free from problems, you know, like that place where nothing can go wrong. He churned out Okami Kakushi while keeping Umineko awesome, which is one more reason that I’m really, REALLY looking forward to the next release~

      • I’m the opposite, the even numbered arcs are on the last position on my top 5 of umineko games: EP5>EP1>EP3>EP4>EP2.

  2. All the chopstick shticks were kinda cute I admit.

    Although this game isn’t my personal favorite (I thought EP 3 is the best overall) it’s still on my top 3 games. Dlanor especially is probably one of my favorite magical characters now.

    It’s too bad the entire ‘Battler catches Beato’ was just a manipulated ship scene by Lambda, which is basically mocking their entire relationship in a way (prince saving princess on a white horse cliche) but I still found it very adorable.

    this ruins it for me though |D;

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