I’ve finished Nanaka’s path

It was cute, it was sweet, it was dramatic, it was good.

There was a lot of character development, a bit of foreshadowing, some decent conflict, a well wrapped ending. The epilogue was a bit too rushed, and a side character, Yuzu was annoying, but overall, it was good.

However, it wasn’t AWESOME. The feeling of Da Capo is just like that, nothing too dramatic, nothing too tear jerking, a good balance but nothing too exciting.

7 thoughts on “I’ve finished Nanaka’s path

  1. Somehow I lost myself in those eyes. o_O Don’t you find it weird, as a girl, to go after girls in visual novels? Assuming of course, you aren’t a lesbian. 😛

  2. moe-ssed O_O. Nanaka is definitely one of the prettier girls out of the bunch, but of course that’s just personal bias. I take it you can read Japanese you lucky devil.

  3. @Choux: I guess you play for the stories then. ^^ That’s the most important bit of any visual novel in my opinion. It’s what keeps things interesting.

    @bakaneko, sunggyu: Those eyes are special indeed. But it’s funny how we don’t see the player’s reflection (or whatever she’s looking at) in those large glossy eyes. That would make it more awesome.

  4. Ah, Nanaka~~~

    She sure takes after her ancestor Kotori, in more ways than one. Though, she seems to be more comfortable with the “school idol” position than Kotori…

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