But this dial has 11…..

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coburn established that perfection is an ideology.

I realized that subjectivity and conflict between subjectivities is essential to society.

A month ago, OGT told me up:

I still must disagree with Lelangir, though-even in my relative infancy as a LoGH watcher, even with the quality of storytelling in LoGH at a ridiculously high level, it still shouldn’t “kill” anime, metaphorically or no. There’s far too many diverse kinds of anime for it to “kill” anime, and (according to this post, anyway) stating such seems to imply a rejection, or trivialization, of anime and its web of trappings, which does nasty things to my head as I try to wrestle with a fanbase who trivializes their own object of fanhood. [my emphasis]

I don’t remember if I was being hyperbolic (afterglow of fanboyism probably) by saying that LoGH killed anime – I do know that it was the most captivating thing I had ever watched though. But OGT is absolutely correct by saying that when we state we have witnessed perfection, this elusive ideology that is not really supposed to concretely exist, we are effectively trivializing the object of our fandom, of our social existence, by enacting a supposedly objective hierarchy of value – LoGH would be perfect, everything else, not perfect. Obviously, in many ways, it doesn’t work like that.

So I was asking myself – why do we rate in the first place? I have no idea. But I have questions:

(1) It’s somehow related to this.

(2) We need standardization, systems of agreement. Concrete ways to convey opinion through the same system [of ratings]. Simultaneously, this leads to disagreement, but that’s a good thing.

(3) We just like to?

11 thoughts on “But this dial has 11…..

  1. My rating system (from ~~~ to +++) is a system of recommendation. Instead of saying “I strongly recommend this show” or “I do not recommend this show,” I put down a ++ or a ~, respectively. It’s simple for my readers to understand and makes my life easier.

  2. Well, we’ll need to document all possible qualifiers of a cultural product then somehow objectively assign weights. Then, based on these criteria, we can run evaluations on all the shows and produce objective “10/10s” theoretically, anyway.

  3. The purpose of a rating is to help a person make a decision about what anime s/he should watch next.

    I like rating anime because it forces me to create and calibrate a system. Process of creating such a system and rating anime based on it may help you understand yourself better and clarify your taste.

    While ratings at ANN might give you a general picture, I prefer to go by individual recommendations. When I see someone’s anime ratings, I can assess what anime s/he likes and to what extent our tastes overlap.

    Rating itself might help me prioritize what anime I should watch first, but the decision will depend on other factors such as the staff involved, plot, and the impressions that the rater provided. The impression of the reviewer are especially important because while two people can give the same rating to the show, they might like it for different reasons.

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  6. I don’t really do ratings, I’m not really confident enough in my ability to judge definitively like that for someone on whether or not they should watch a show.

    I just like to blog about what I liked/disliked and if people agree I figure they’ll check it out or if they don’t then they wont bother.

  7. Baka-Raptor: At the same time, does the amount you recommend for a show directly correspond to your own personal feelings of the show. OR does it really just not matter? 😛

  8. I rate for myself (and enjoy it); I talk for other people. I see personal-use ratings as something which helps to build up a mindset roughly equivalent to standardisation, only without all the pedantry over what exactly a 7 means for the collective.

    This definitely is about putting lesser things down. I’m considering, somewhat arbitrarily, whether trivialising our wider fandom is simply something I think is necessary. Rating plays the same role as satire, it curtails particular forms of bullshit. Then sets up new and glorious forms of bullshit highly appealing to yours truly.

    I suppose you’d wind up drawing our social sphere as a neverending war between different hierarchies of bull. If this is the case, I am clearly one of the soldiers who will end the eternal war for the side of light and justice.

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