A random art post

Occationally, I see an artist that I really like. Then, I keep the page on my tabs so that I would remember to post about it later. Eventually, the tabs reach critical mass, and I get the urge to post something like this. 

Let’s face it, by now, most of us has seen so much touhou fanart that everything just melds into one big huge touhou-y mess.This is why I greatly treasure the few pieces of touhou art that still make me go “wow”. I really like Kirero (pixiv) because of the wonderful color schemes, and unlike most of his/her pieces, this maintains a good use of white, which stops it from being too busy. 

Nauribon (pixiv) is an interesting artist, because he threads that very fine line between polished and not polished. From far away, his art looks very professional, but when you zoom in and look at the details, it’s not firmly polished at all. What I like is the fact that he seems to be able to project almost realistic lighting, which is difficult to pull off considering his subjects. He also seems to be experimenting, as I can feel some very definite Ryo Ueda vibes from some of his pieces, and some Tony vibes from others. Anyway, he’s definitely had some classical training, and it would be interesting to see what he does next, as he seems to be taking more professional jobs lately. Also, I keep getting freaked out by before and after pictures that artists post up. I don’t think I’ve gotten much better since 2009…orz…

Sometimes, you discover an artist. Sometimes, you rediscover the same artist 5 times. That’s exactly what happened with Shirabi (pixiv) for me. I grabbed the above image off of Konachan as a wallpaper a while back, thinking that I’ve found a new artist to like. I had completely forgotten that I had sword to track down the artist to these two MESMERIZING pairs of eyes ages ago. Or this gorgeous santa. Or this OTHER gorgeous santa. Or … well, you get the point. I think that my confusion stems from the fact that I spent too much time looking artists who can do one thing and nothing else. Either way, this really speaks for the artist’s versatility. I can’t wait to rediscover him again someday. 

I’ve posted about Rella (pixiv) before, but I just can’t resist this image. I like it because it goes against expectations. Just when you think someone’s good at drawing cute girls, BAM, she throws a flaming dragon in your face. I will be honest here. Of everything that I’ve seen Arata (pixiv) draw, this is the only one I like. That’s fine though. One absolutely beautiful and haunting picture is good enough for a long time. The smoky texture is used very well, and the red flower petals and the smallest tinge of sepia really brings a lot of impact to the image. It’s pretty much impossible to put any image after this, so I’ll stop the post here.

Ah… when am I going to draw enough for someone to make an art post about me?

…That’s a seriously depressing thought.

8 thoughts on “A random art post

  1. I have issues with those legs on the pic with bunnies and red umbrellas! 😛

    Santa picture is definitely my favorite! 😀

    “Ah… when am I going to draw enough for someone to make an art post about me?”

    When you focus on drawing and enjoying the process, and stop thinking about how others perceive your work 🙂

  2. The Santa drawing strangely reminds me of Kara no Kyoukai in terms of the way its shaded.

    To this day I am still completely blind to color choosing and making good composition. Always glad to see your artists posts, they’re actually quite rewarding as I get to see different art styles.

    How do you go about browsing pixiv? I’m quite frankly clueless where to go clicking around when I enter… -__-

    • Rather than the santa, THIS really reminds me of Kara no Kyoukai (although it’s not supposed to be, lol).
      I don’t really know where to go either. I just look at random images from image boards, then hunt down the artist and look at their favorites.

  3. “ah… When am I going to draw enough for someone to make an art post about me”??
    What a sad depressing thought…

  4. hey, i bought the book “sou-en” on the local bookstore. it’s the third artbook of the Shakugan no Shana arts by the artist you featured last time. You didn’t mention he was the artist for Shana, and I totally didn’t know they were the same artist until I saw the art in the personal section that were the same ones as the art you were posting.

    That’s so cool to recognize an artist’s artwork when you stumble upon one. Thanks for those informative art posts!

    • Wait, what? I’m confused. I actually talked about sou-en? I remember mentioning that I bought it, bit still… Which post are you talking about? And by personal section, do you mean her doujin work? (Itou Noizi’s female, btw, and she’s not too bad on the eyes either. Obviously, not as nearly as appealing as the girls that she draws, but still).
      Other than that, congratulations on recognizing her! Now, if you keep going, you’ll eventually reach a stage where you can recognize 95% of artists as either themselves or copycats. I wish you good luck.

      • Oh no, you didn’t talk about Sou-en. You talked about Itou Noizi and shown us some of her art. I didn’t remember her name, that’s why. I’m going to go look her up now.

        I picked up Sou-en at a local Japanese bookstore in town along with the new Shana light novel. (Wanted to start with vol. 1, but they only had 22 or whatever number it was at now.)

        On a really cool note, have you heard of Akiba’s Trip (read it really fast and you’ll get it). I picked it up at the game store nearby along with Valkyria Chronicles 3 yesterday, and the opening looked real nice and I was so surprised to find out the theme song was sang by ClariS. It’s like I never heard of ClariS until Oreimo and now we see her music everywhere. : ) I wonder if she has any previous works before Oreimo…

        Valkyria was sang by May’n, a singer I really like too. She was just over here having a concert two weeks ago. Really wanted to go but couldn’t make it.

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