Seraphim call

Seraphim call isn’t what usually comes to mind when the phrase “Sunrise anime” comes up, as it’s a relatively old series that wasn’t all that popular even in its own time. Every episode focuses on a different heroine, each with her own style and story. This led to a lot of directional freedom, but also rather restricts the amount of story that can be told. In this case, I wouldn’t say that the length undermines the story, as even the silliest story (involving saving the world and giant robots) can be analysed somewhat. The meat of this series, however, are contained with the darker tales. Episodes 5 and 6 are my favourites, as they’re nearly identical, but the differences between the twins present the biggest mindscrew I’ve watched this year. Every story involves an interesting set up or a twist of some sort, and this is definitely a series to be rewatched. My main complaints are about the lackluster soundtrack and the last episode. There was such potential to tie all the stories together, or have one story unlock plot points for another, but that option wasn’t taken advantage of. Overall, it’s a nice little series, and it’s definitely worth a watch if you don’t mind the high variance in episode quality.




Happy days ahead for me.  I have long been in love with the manga Kamisama Hajimemashita.  Its got a fun, tough and spunky heroine and a drop dead gorgeous kitsune demon.  Not to mention a fun supporting cast of characters, mostly youkai, with a smattering of humans here and there.  Basically its my kind of deal and apparently (fangirl squealing starts to commence) its getting animated!

Even better Akitaro Daichi will be directing. I was always a huge fan of Fruits Basket and Kamisama Hajimemashita has quite a bit of humor in it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll do with it 🙂

Brave 10

So I completely suck at keeping up with anime anymore, but dammit I love ninjas. So if there is one show I make an effort to check out come January, its going to be this one.

Ninjas!!! Even better, hawt ninjas. I’m so there!

I thought that Kyoukaisen would be something fun to rant about

But despite how Para-sol reminded me, I’ve forgotten how much I love complicated world settings. Therefore, the world Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon surprised me with its complexity and its odd kind of belief-suspending realism. Not to mention the DAWWWWWWWWWWWW moments and the multiple crowning moments of awesome (fighting giant robots with real estate scalping has never been so awesome). I mean, the comedic moments are just plain ridiculous, but for some reason it doesn’t feel jarring. I think it’s the Sunrise belief shield effect. No matter what kind of random crap they throw out, there are just the right amount of boobage, meido, naked men and explosions to make it practically unnoticeable. 

To make matters better, I totally ship Malga and Margot.

Yuri banzai~

…The Gundam oo movie is……well…………

The bad thing about exam period is, well, it’s exam period. On the other hand, the good thing about exam period is that once your brain stops being fried, you can totally use the fact that you’re tired from exams to slack off instead of studying for the next finals.

…Wait, is that a good thing? 

Anyway, I watched the Gundam 00 movie, and I’d say that they did a pretty good job. At the beginning, a movie clip showing how popular media glorifies war was shown, and I was impressed at how they tried to set themselves apart from it.

That said, there are a hell of a lot of problems with this movie. Set aside random things like how for some reason they have warp technology out of nowhere, how they paired up the extra characters, how they killed off someone just to bring them back, just because they wanted the impact, and how apparently turning 40% of the population into innovators solved every problem even though they dedicated Gundam Seed to how NOTHING good could possibly happen when you create a biological rift between people like that.

Just set that aside.

My main problem is how incredibly cheesy this entire thing is. Oh my gawd, there were enough cheesy lines about hope and the future to fill a quote a day calendar. And of course, there’s that whole thing about seeing dead people who give out more inspirational quotes and hand you a glowing flower…sigh……. Was this series always like this? And also, aliens? ALIENS? Magical aliens that for some reason can imitate human technology in seconds and can take over machines? Aliens that can actually understand you if you just tried hard enough? Aliens that turn into a fcking flower? I’m pretty sure that those last two things was the plot from that one Sailor moon movie. All we’re missing are glowing ribbons. Wait, no, there ARE glowing ribbons of GN particles. 

Anyway, I like ranting, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad movie. In fact, I’d say that it wraps up the series pretty well, and there are definitely tons of pretty action scenes (especially the one in the desert). Patrick is definitely awesome in it, and it’s always fun to rant about Sunrise shows, right? Ooh, maybe I should start watching Kyōkai Senjō no Horaizon….

Mayo Chiki impressions

I’ve been having a harder time watching more serious series right now. Fate/Zero is just depressing, and even Chaos;head, with its eroge parody attributes, is just too freaky. However, it is times like this that cute little shows like A Channel and Mayo Chiki prove to be awesome to me.
Unlike certain other anime with fan service and butlers *coughladiesvsbutlers*cough, Mayo chiki impressed me with its high production values and pure, concentrated, unadulterated, entertainment value. The characters are awesome, the sound effects are spot on, the jokes are hilarious, and did I mention that Kanade is awesome? Because she is. Kitamura Eri did such a great job voicing her~ Man, I need to find another series where she does a role like that.


The entire series is highly quotable and filled with these kinds of one-liners, and the plot (well, more like the writing, it IS a fanservicy comedy slice of life after all) goes on at a good pace. The best thing about the show? A good, proper ending. None of that harem ending stuff. The show knows who the main heroine is and sticks with it.

Even Kanade is shocked at how nice the show turned out to be~

Seriously. Even if for nothing else, watch it for Kanade. She’s the type of person I aspire to be.