SHort VN reviews (Would a bishi kill you, HUH?)

ugh 2The game is about Bishoujos, I KNOW. But would a bishounen kill you? Huh? It didn’t kill Touka Gettan. Yes, purely because of these ugly people, I’ve dropped Edelweiss, a game that was translated into English by Mangagamer. They’re called VISUAL novels for a reason. If you won’t put any effort to make the visual part good, then there’s no reason for me to look at the rest of it.

Alone with Edelweiss, I went through 7 games while I was gone.

f09c7aa141c8109a461064e31. Season of mermaids

Had pretty good art, despite how old it was. However, everything else was mediocre. The story was supposed to be a mystery/romance, but it didn’t have much in terms of tension or romance, and near the end I was clicking through it just so I could get it over with.

There was a bishi in this game, but he was old.

kukudm_0082. Yume no tsubasa -Fate of heart-

Your dream is to fly, and you’ve spent years restoring a old plane, hoping that you will be able to fly in the sky, just like your father. However, one day, after a test run, you find a mysterious girl, collapsed near the run way. Who is she? And why is she here? Even though you don’t know anything, you let her stay at your house, and a chain of events have begun to turn…

Designed by the same person as season of mermaids, and created by the famous KID company (Ever17, Memories off). I saw a few good reviews of it and tried to play it. However, by the fifth time that the guy had asked Shizuku (the mysterious girl) what she was doing, and the refused to tell him anything, I was getting annoyed. The crappy backgrounds and the repetitive music didn’t help at all when I went through the game 8 times trying to get a certain ending, which 3 walkthroughs didn’t help me with. Overall, there wasn’t much substance in the game, and I want 15 hours of my life back!

By the way, if you’re planning to play, the girl with the braids is a creepy stalker, who keeps a diary that reminded me of Miyamura Miyako’s 99 messages.

And there was supposed to be a bishi in this game, but he turned out to be ugle loking.

c5938f3623ee382f0a55a9d43. Yunohana

Pretty good game,  full review coming soon.

No Bishis though.

moe 2887 sample4. Narcissu Side 2nd

What can I say about Narcissu that so many people haven’t said already? It’s simply beautiful.  But nevertheless, I will try to talk about, in a full post in the future.

Bishi? What bishi? We barely get to see the female characters, and there IS no male character in Side second.

2925. Comic Party

Dropped due to an insane number of heroines, and the fact that I had to waste time making doujins before actually getting to the story.

However, I CAN  say that the art is still gorgeous, despite the years.

Even though there isn’t a bishi.

1 (2)6. Memories off again

A fan disc (of sorts) to Memeries off then. Basically, it’s a continuation of the good endings of Miyabi, Inori, and Karin. It’s fluffy, happy stuff that fanboys would pay for, but while I appreciate the redrawn art and the good music, I’m just not a huge fan of fluff, so I won’t recommend this game fo anyone.

Surprisingly, the protagonist, is hot enough to be a bishi (I’m impressed, KID). Unfortunately, we don’t see him in this game, and his appearances in the original was few and far in between.

7. Seperate hearts


You got into a car accident and woke up with partial memory loss. Everything feels strange to you, but your best friend and childhood friend are helping you through it. However, why is it that every time you think of your girlfriend, who had disappeared after the crash, you get these massive headaches? And why can’t you remember what she was like?

After Remember11 bombed, KID made one last ditch attempt at making a game, and the product of that was Separate hearts. However, due to their almost nonexistent budget, Separate hearts had crap art (the above promo art is about ten times better looking than the actual game art, which was horrendously inconsistent), forgettable music, and a story that is appreciated by some people, but I just couldn’t get into.

This was more of a mystery game, paying homage to KID’s earlier works like Never7, but while there was some tension, I felt absolutely NOTHING for the characters. The rest of the world seems to share my emotions, as this game successfully pulled KID into bankruptcy.

Like I mentioned before, this game had crap art. In other words, there was a character that could have been a bishi, but the art was so horrible that I couldn’t accept him.

Close to, art by GotoP, the same artist who did Narcissu

Close to, art by GotoP, the same artist who did Narcissu

Overall? I was disappointed in my summer VN run. However, I still have Family project, otoboku, H2O, scarlett, kirakira, da capo, Suika, chaos head, fate/HA, close to, 12riven, and the rest of the MO franchise waiting for me, so I think the situation can still be salvaged.

Because of this huge long list, I’m going to give up on anime for the rest of the summer, and simply focus on VNs for the rest of the summer. Nexr up, Close to…

4 thoughts on “SHort VN reviews (Would a bishi kill you, HUH?)

  1. It’s rare to see bishies in eroge. Most of them don’t even show the male protagonist’s face at all. =S Oh well, that’s why I play otome games anyway. 😛

  2. Edelweiss wasn’t that bad to be honest aside of MG’s sloppy translation which got remedied a bit by the patch later. Granted, none of the gang could be counted as a Bishie (albeit Pantsu is GAR with his bread-obsession), and those ears needs some time to get used to, however IMO the humor was pretty funny, and some of the endings was nice to read. It’s sad to see you’ve dropped it though :/ .

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