Another Sepia tears character preview


Of Sepia tears, of course. This time, it’s your loli imouto Rin in her outdoor outfit~ Although I’m a bit worried about her not looking her age…Anyway, she’s 99.9% genki, and I’ve been wanting to draw a character with a rabbit poncho ever since I read Shinshi Doumei Cross (almost my favorite shoujo manga of all time), so this was perfect. Of course, I still have to add fluff of the edges when I’m coloring. Anyway, I have a whole new appreciation for those game artists now. Having different poses and clothing are a pain, especially you have to be really careful so that everything’s the same size. I was going back and forth between images to make sure that character’s sizes aren’t too different.  2 poses+3 outfits+an undecided amount of expressions+an undecided amount of event CGs=so tired… I’ve only done around 15% of the total work right now. How do those game artists live? Seriously.

LK asked me for 2 more characters for CCY too, but I’m putting those on the back burner for now.

9 thoughts on “Another Sepia tears character preview

  1. I read about the Team N33T doujin projects. It’s awesome you have a group like that. I’m rather curious though, I did you come by a group like this and how did you come to join it?

    • I was posting random drawings here and there, Eternal happened to come across it and asked me to help him with Sepia tears through DA. The problem with that is that I later forgot my password and just started a new account (which is the one that I use now, chocolate-choux). Anyway, I THINK he first saw what I did through a post here, but I’m not too sure. Never really asked him.

  2. hmm, a doujin project, how nice.

    Lolikitsune once had dotq going for several years about starting one, but it never got anywhere before everyone else quit.

    I was bewildered. I knew I’m not that good at drawing, but to be shut down like that was brutal. >___<

    btw, sorry for double posting again. but i’d like to note that I really enjoy how you do your sketches, and the line make things look quite clean and neat even though you can tell they’re scribbled on.

    i personally never managed to make good rough sketch, either they’re TOO rough that nobody beside me can tell what i’m drawing, or i have a tendency to repeat lines obsessively over my rough sketch to the point it doesn’t look very rough anymore and end up consuming lots of time.

    or the worst, once i almost finish a drawing, accidentally spill drops of ink right onto the character…

    that’s when u just want to jump off a cliff.

    • Oh they’d better be clean looking, because I’m not doing them again. This is actually my good copy, you’d be surprised at how weird and messy my rough drafts are. I never really go over my roughs, because if something turns out weird looking I just move on to the next one orz

      I always finish drawings on the computer because you never have to worry about ink or mistakes. Well, the characters expressions HAD to be drawn on the computer so they could be interchangeable and the fact that I wanted the rest of them to match was also a part of it…I think.

  3. my intuos4 tablet haven’t been used at all and is just there collecting dust. any chance i can join in ur projects? i’d like a chance to use it anyway. 😛

    my quality and standards aren’t as high as u though.

    uh, example of my work are here (haven’t drawn all summer):

  4. to a certain extent.

    i can’t draw bishonen, if that’s what ur asking. they’d look more like your typical muscle man from like some kong fu manga or something within the lines of slim muscles.

    but bishonen is an absolute no.

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