The dolls girl and Takeda Hinata

A few days ago I came across a great one shot named The dolls girl. It’s a simple and sweet little thing that revolves around friendship and illness. The scanlation group is Ivyscans, and the mangaka is one of my favorite illustrators of all time: Takeda HInata.

Her art is hard to track down, as she hasn’t done much outside of a few manga shorts, her current manga Ikoku Meiro no Kurowaaze, and illustrations for the mystery light novel Gosick (Which, by the way, I own. Tokyopop published it en English) . There are very few of her works floating around on the internet, and if it wasn’t for a great article at hunting the elusive, I probably would have never remembered her name. However, I read it, I saw her art, and I love them.

She excels at drawing the things that draws the most attention on a girl: Her face, her hair, and most importantly, her clothes. With a great fashion sense, beautiful lines, and intriguing stories, This is an artist that deserves praise with both art and story.

Now if only she’d release an artbook.

P.S.: I wish wordpress would let me have larger thumbnails when I’m posting a gallery.

7 thoughts on “The dolls girl and Takeda Hinata

  1. @Hoshi: Actually, she only did the illustrations for the Gosick novels, the story was written by someone else.
    @m12: You do? me too!
    @Xephfyre: Hurray for another reader!

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